Deluxe Diamond Maternity PackageDeluxe Diamond


Antenatal Care

  • From as early as you book with us
  • Home visits usually lasting about an hour
  • 4 weekly until 28 weeks of pregnancy, then fortnightly until 36 weeks when we commence weekly visits until your baby’s birth.
  • We are happy to accompany you on a hospital visit for scans or doctor appointments
  • A pampering full body massage at home
  • A luxury pedicure & manicure at home by our Yours Maternally beauty therapist to help you feel pampered and prepared for your baby’s arrival
  • Balance your body with a chiropractic consultation and 12 antenatal treatments at Putney Chiropractic Centre

Labour & Birth

  • One of your midwives will attend you in labour as soon as you or your birth partner needs support
  • Deluxe birth bag including the loan of a TENS machine provided during the antenatal period (see inset Deluxe Birth Bag)
  • Loan of birthing pool including 2 disposable liners and a thermometer
  • Provision of portable entonox (Gas & air)
  • Access to maternal massage
  • Disposable sterile single use equipment and drugs for your safety and peace of mind
  • Safe, professional disposal of clinical waste

Postnatal Care

  • Visits at home or in hospital lasting approximately an hour
  • Up to 11 postnatal visits spread out over six weeks, as you require
  • Maternal and baby checks including neo-natal screening
  • 1 chiropractic appointment for your baby at Putney Chiropractic Centre
  • A course of infant massage classes, in the comfort of your own home
The Diamond Package also includes the Deluxe Birth Bag which contains:
  • Yours Maternally Canvas holdall with shoulder strap
  • Yours Maternally baby towel
  • Yours Maternally organic sunflower oil for massage
  • 4 muslin squares
  • 10 reusable wipes in a tote bag
  • 1 pack of 30 superior absorbent plastic backed pads
  • 1 pack of maternity sanitary towels
  • 5 pairs of cloth disposable pants
  • 1 box of disposable breast pads
  • 1 pack of newborn nappies
  • 1 pack of pleated cotton wool
  • Self-Adhesive Electrodes for TENS machine
  • Infant massage book & music cd